Our Team

Our team

Chan Kunthea. Accountant. Kunthea has been a part of the Agri-Smart family for nearly three years and in that time has kept a strict record of all the financial activities of Agri-Smart. It is difficult for a small organization to stay on budget and we are lucky to have Kunthea helping us along the way.

Nguon Sar. Marketing Manager. Originally from Kampot, Cambodia, Nguon is well versed when it comes to agriculture in Cambodia. He has been immersed in agricultural life his entire life and has a deep understanding of the struggles every farmer faces. He is a born salesman and knows how to talk to a crowd.

Ibrahim FitzGibbon. Engineer. A nomad by nature, Ibrahim has lived in Oxford, Birmingham, Damascus and now Phnom Penh. He has a penchant for Lego and has created some true masterpieces (check out his YouTube channel). Therefore is was only natural that he would pursue mechanical engineering and as luck would have it he has become a member of Agri-Smart.

Matthew de Kretser. Engineer. Matthew is originally from Johanneburg, South Africa. His main focus is sustainable engineering and so Agri-Smart was a perfect fit. He has been working with Agri-Smart for the past year and has loved every second of it.

Douch Sok. Quality Assurance Manager. Sok has been a member of the Agri-Smart team for over two years now. Nothing leaves the Agri-Smart workshop without his seal of approval. Sok is a jack of all trades and has been known to help out on tasks ranging from engineering to marketing to operating the Eli Rice Seeder during demonstrations.

Sin Socheat. Fabricator. Socheat has been a fabricator for his entire life. A recent addition to the Agri-Smart team, he is a master of his trade, proficient in cutting, welding and shaping any kind of metal.