Rudi Khmer Pump


Crops, vegetables and animals all need a steady supply of water in order to grow successfully. The majority of this water comes from wells and water sources which are usually far away from the plants and animals. This means that farmers, 65% of whom are women, usually carry up to 200 buckets a day to irrigate their fields and tend to their livestock. They walk on average 20 km a day which can take as long as 6 hours.

The Rudi Khmer Pump is a treadle pump that replaces the back-breaking work of hauling water from the water source to the fields in heavy sprinkler cans. It has an easy-to-use design that makes it suitable for women and even children to use.


Easy to Use

The advanced, ergonomic design means less labor is required to pump more water.


More Water

The Rudi Khmer Pump can deliver 2 250 liters of water per hour.


Manual Pump

The pump can be used in remote locations as no electricity is required.